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28 Sep 2022

Germany and the EU Need to Keep Engaging with China

History teaches us that a decoupling from China will likely backfire. Without Beijing, efforts to solve key global issues will not succeed. Germany should focus on avoiding over-dependencies on China – not abandon ties altogether.

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Article by Stefan Mair
23 Sep 2022

Strategic Ties, Not Blocs: Why Germany Should Promote a Multipolar Order

Instead of joining those who invoke a new Cold War and decoupling from autocracies, Berlin should follow the vision of a polycentric world. Doing so will require a new approach to economic globalization.

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Article by Liana Fix
15 Sep 2022

Make Germany Secure Against Russia

After thirty years of historical reconciliation and special relations, this is an uncomfortable truth – but the primary aim of Germany’s security strategy should be to contain Russia in Europe.

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How to Strategy?

Germany needs more strategic capability. But more of what exactly?

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Rethinking Interdependence

Greater interdependencies used to mean more security. But how should politics and business shape economic ties in today’s world?

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Big Picture: Key Priorities for Germany's National Security Strategy

Strategies are about the long view. What are the big questions that Germany’s government needs to answer?

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