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17 Mar 2023

Zeitenwende: What Has Been Missing From the Conversation?

Russia's war against Ukraine has sparked an active public debate about German and European security policy. But not all issues have gotten the same air time.

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Article by Tyson Barker
10 Mar 2023

Recoding Tech Diplomacy into Germany’s Foreign Policy Approach

Germany’s digital tech diplomacy could use a rewrite. In its first security strategy, Berlin should focus on five key areas to fuse its tech capabilities with its foreign policy goals.

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Gowan 49security UN Security Council
Interview with Richard Gowan
03 Mar 2023

“Balancing Act”: Germany’s Role in the UN Security Council Reform

A year after the start of Russia’s war on Ukraine, the UN Security Council is more divided than ever. But even so, the body has also shown an intriguing degree of resilience in the last year. What went right and where are reforms needed? And what part does Germany have to play?

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Security In a Globalized World

The climate crisis and conflicts endanger livelihoods – worldwide. What should Germany’s multilateral engagement look like to make life safer for everyone?

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Strengthening Resilience

Cyber-attacks, natural disasters, disinformation, and extremism: How resilient are Germany’s state and society?

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Capacity Building at Home: Making Germany’s Defense Fit for the Future

The country is grappling with questions of defense capability and deterrence. What should the path forward look like?

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Podcast: krisen von morgen


Krisen von morgen: A Podcast

What are Germany and the EU doing to better predict war and violence? And can we use data today to tell where in the world things will go wrong tomorrow?

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Crises Abroad: Prevention, Response, Stabilization

The German government has pledged to to do more in terms of crisis engagement, and to do it better. How should its new National Security Strategy reflect that?

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How to Strategy?

Germany needs more strategic capability. But more of what exactly?

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Rethinking Interdependence

Greater interdependencies used to mean more security. But how should politics and business shape economic ties in today’s world?

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Big Picture: Key Priorities for Germany's National Security Strategy

Strategies are about the long view. What are the big questions that Germany’s government needs to answer?

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